Saturday, 23 August 2014

Black Eagle: Statement Of Situation

As some of you may already be aware, Black Eagle has temporarily been taken offline due to difficulties faced by those running the website.

In December 2013, the Black Eagle website etc was transferred to Umkiki Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of

We at Black Eagle were sold the idea due to the fact that The Kicksport group had received substantial investments and could invest in the stock lines we knew would sell and benefit the Martial Arts industry.

Unfortunately, that investment was not exactly forthcoming, and, in July 2014, we experienced a shortfall in payment from Umkiki/Kicksport resulting in an email at the end of July advising that the Directors of Kicksport were placing the business into liquidation.

Those are the same Directors that also run Umkiki Ltd, but, and here is where the whole thing gets even messier, they have not placed that part of the business into liquidation, resulting in our stock etc being in limbo.

Due to their breach of contract, we have at least decided to take back the domain names and direct them to this blog where we can at least communicate our messages.

One of the Directors has now gone on holiday with no return date given, and the other Director has gone incommunicado.

So, at this stage, we have no idea who to really talk to. We have now been given a contact name at the liquidator of Kicksport, and, as we understand it, Kicksport will be resurrected by another business, under the same capital investment team that were investing in Kicksport before, Catapult-VM.

To make matters even worse, we have now been advised that, as of 1st September, we may be charged storage for the stock we sold (and have not been paid for) to Umkiki/Kicksport.

I had a telephone discussion telling me that we do retail title on the stock, and we could go collect it. Unfortunately, we would need a 38 tonner, and a sizable storage facility to put it in, none of which is possible because we have been left with literally no money as a result of this, and cannot afford to hire the lorry to collect it, nor pay for the storage needed.

On top of that, they deleted our original website and transferred it all to their own platform, so we would also need to set up a whole new e-commerce site to sell the products, and, again, we have no funds to do this.

We were asked to help try to resurrect the website, which came to nothing, again this was the same Directors who have left us in this mess.

As it currently stands, we are staring at financial oblivion because of the way this has been done, and there is nothing we can do about it. The Bank does not care, it just wants its money and they have told us to pay.

We are still hopeful that we can do something, even if it is just selling our domain names etc to someone who may be interested.

Until that time comes, or we find a way to get the site back up, unfortunately it will remain technically offline and, regrettably, we are facing the strong possibility with each day that passes that we will effectively cease trading.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Welcome to the new Black Eagle Website