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Martial Arts Accessories

A range of martial arts accessories suitable for most disciplines where weapons training is part of the training. We have a small selection of practical training weapons, including Bokken, Foam Nunchaku and wooden swords for Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Please check with your instructor before purchasing any martial arts weapons, so you can ensure you are getting the correct item for your training needs.

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Black-Eagle Bo Staff Carry CaseBlack-Eagle Bo Staff Carry CaseOur price from: £10.99
Black-Eagle Bokken - Black OakBlack-Eagle Bokken - Black OakOur price from: £9.99
 Bokken - Red Oak Bokken - Red OakOur price from: £9.99
 Bokken - White Japanese Oak Bokken - White Japanese OakOur price from: £19.99
Black-Eagle Bokken CaseBlack-Eagle Bokken CaseOur price from: £10.99
Black-Eagle Escrima CaseBlack-Eagle Escrima CaseOur price from: £9.99
 Foam Nunchaku Black/Red - Chain Foam Nunchaku Black/Red - ChainOur price from: £7.99
Black-Eagle Hand WrapsBlack-Eagle Hand WrapsRRP: £4.00Our price from: £2.99You save: 25%
Black-Eagle Jo Staff carry CaseBlack-Eagle Jo Staff carry CaseOur price from: £9.99
 Kung Fu Broadsword - Red Oak Kung Fu Broadsword - Red OakOur price from: £19.99
Black-Eagle Punchball - Desktop MountedBlack-Eagle Punchball - Desktop MountedRRP: £9.99Our price from: £3.99You save: 60%
Black-Eagle Rubber KnifeBlack-Eagle Rubber KnifeOur price from: £5.99
 Tai Chi Wooden Sword Tai Chi Wooden SwordOur price from: £19.99
Displaying 1 to 15 of 15 products | Show all