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Karate Gi and Clothing

Adult & Kids Karate suits & Karate outfits, suitable for beginner & advanced students

The karate Gi is the correct name for the traditional karate uniform, comprising a jacket, trousers, and in some cases a white belt. Karate Gi are a loose fitting uniform so you can practise your drills, kata or kumite without any restrictions. White is the standard colour for most karate clubs, although some also use black for higher grades or as a standard colour gi.

We recommend starting at the beginning when choosing a Karate gi, and our beginner karate suits are ideal to get you training and through your early grades. Once you become more experienced, it is usual to start progressing towards heavier uniforms, typically 14oz or 18oz styles.

If you are competing, then we also have specific Karate gi you may wish to consider, The Kata Karate Gi is specifically designed for forms, allowing you to perform various Kata without restriction of movement. Kumite Karate gi are lightweight designs specifically for sparring. Again, they provide freedom of movement, but the lightweight designs means you don't over heat so quickly. You also have a choice of cut, depending on your preference.

The Japanese Karate gi is made to traditional designs, with shorter sleeves and legs, and many old school karateka prefer these. The European style Karate Gi is more in line with western designs, with full length sleeves and legs. The choice is completely down to personal preference. Whatever stage you are at, there will be a Karate gi available.

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Black-Eagle Beginner Karate Gi For AdultsBlack-Eagle Beginner Karate Gi For AdultsRRP: £26.99Our price from: £24.99You save: 7%
Black-Eagle Elite 10oz Karate Gi for AdultsBlack-Eagle Elite 10oz Karate Gi for AdultsRRP: £38.99Our price from: £29.99You save: 23%
Black-Eagle Elite 10oz Karate Gi for KidsBlack-Eagle Elite 10oz Karate Gi for KidsRRP: £32.99Our price from: £24.99You save: 24%
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