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A Taekwondo Dobok is the term given to the WTF style of taekwondo uniform, dobok meaning 'uniform' in Korean. WTF taekwondo uniforms are traditionally V necked pullover style jackets, with elasticated waistband trousers, and usually supplied with a white belt. White collar uniforms are used for Kup grades, and black collars for all Dan grades.

WTF Taekwondo is focused more on kicking techniques, and so the dobok is designed to give you complete freedom of movement for high, low and mid range kick techniques. The choice of Taekwondo doboks now available is huge, with various types of materials and designs now available.

To start with, you will just require a good beginner Dobok, with a white collar. Our ribbed material white dobok will last you right through to your black belt, where you will then have a choice of styles to suit your new rank.

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Black-Eagle 'Doc-Su-Ri' Kids Taekwondo UniformBlack-Eagle 'Doc-Su-Ri' Kids Taekwondo UniformRRP: £21.99Our price from: £19.99You save: 9%
Black-Eagle 'Doc-Su-Ri' Taekwondo Uniform For AdultsBlack-Eagle 'Doc-Su-Ri' Taekwondo Uniform For AdultsRRP: £26.99Our price from: £24.99You save: 7%
Black-Eagle BLACK V Neck Taekwondo UniformBlack-Eagle BLACK V Neck Taekwondo UniformRRP: £30.00Our price from: £10.00You save: 67%
 White Collar TKD Dobok by Daedo White Collar TKD Dobok by DaedoOur price from: £24.99
 adidas Fighter Taekwondo Dobok adidas Fighter Taekwondo DobokOur price from: £111.99
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