Martial Arts


Whatever Martial Art you practise, there will normally come a time when you will have to partake in Sparring, either in practice in the class, or in competition. Whether your Martial Art is a ‘full contact’ or ‘semi contact’ sport, protection when sparring is absolutely paramount if you are to minimise injuries. Even in Semi… Read more

Taekwondo Tenets

In August, during the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the WTF and the ITF, headed by Dr. Chang Ung signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the promotion of the Taekwondo Movement in the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach. With this Memorandum, the WTF and the ITF will open a dialogue on how they… Read more

Style & Ranks

October, 18, 2014


Styles & belt ranks, enjoy your journey, what ever your belt, it shows on the mats … knowledge and skill right?! – What is a martial art belt?

VERVE Martial Arts

Have a dream? Set the vision in your mind and stay focused. Your thoughts will become your words Your words will become your actions and they will create your legacy

Principles of Power

October, 16, 2014


There are few personal and physical components that are revered more than that of POWER. It is well documented that few of us ever reach our full technical and physical potential and some suggest that the average person uses only 10 to 20 percent of their true ‘power’ potential – the martial arts can provide… Read more

Confidence is key

October, 15, 2014

SUMO Challenge

Brave or stupid?  

NEW Blog section now online

October, 15, 2014


Our NEW Black Eagle blog is up and running and we hope it will serve as a great resource for information as well as of course some interesting facts and fun stuff too! Happy reading – keep the comments positive and clean! 😉

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