Karate Uniforms: Sizing Adult & Kids Karate Uniforms For Best Fit

November 20th, 2012

Karate uniforms are supplied in sizes based upon the overall height of the person. For children, those tend to run from 110cm through to 150cm sizes.

To see which size you will need, the best method is to simply measure your son or daughter as you would normally measure their height, this will give you the sizing. Because none of us are exact measurements, below is a rough guide to choosing those ‘in betweenies’:

Kids KarateĀ Suits

Size 110cm Karate suits: Suitable for people from around 105cm to 115cm

Size 120cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 115cm to 125cm

Size 130cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 125cm to 135cm

Size 140cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 135cm to 145cm

Size 150cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 145cm to 155cm

Adult Karate Uniforms

Size 160cm Karate suits: Suitable for people from around 155cm to 165cm

Size 170cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 165cm to 175cm

Size 180cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 175cm to 185cm

Size 190cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 185cm to 195cm

Size 200cm Karate Suits: Suitable for people from around 195cm to 205cm

It is important to know that these measurements are based on what we call an ‘average’ build. Again, we aren’t all average, but you can use the above to be reasonably sure 90% of the time. For kids sizing, often we recommend trying to go for a bigger size where possible, to allow for growth and to help parents keep down replacement costs. By judging the size just right, it is sometime the difference between a suit that lasts maybe 3-6 months, or as much as 12+ months.

Kids, as we know, grow quickly, so judging it right can help save the pennies! Also, try to take account of build. If you or your child is very slim, you can often go one; or sometimes 2 sizes lower.

The same for bigger builds, you may need to go a size or two larger to get the right fit. You can always call us on 02392 200466 if you need to discuss it and we’ll guide you through the choices.

With Kids, bigger is usually better, as we mentioned above, they do tend to grow quickly sometimes! If a little big, simply roll the sleeves up to adjust the arms, and roll the waistband to adjust leg length.

For adults, the same principles often apply, although we don’t grow anymore (well, other than outwards sometimes), we do vary in our builds!

A difficult subject to sometimes discuss, but with obesity very much in the news almost weekly, it is encouraging to hear many of us are looking at martial arts like Karate to help get fit.

So, if this is you, congratulations on making an important decision to change! Not easy, I know, but you will certainly stand to gain tremendous benefits. If this is you, then sizing can be tough, so our advice is to usually speak to your instructor to ask for a bit of leeway on getting a uniform. Why? Because you will usually have at least 3 months before you need to grade, and those first few weeks will often see the most dramatic change to your physique!

So holding off for that period will often mean you can buy a uniform that is not going to drown you as you continue to lose weight and tone up. If, however, you do need a uniform, don’t be embarrassed to speak to us about sizing, we are more than happy to help and even encourage you on your journey!

These sizes are true whatever uniform you buy, from beginner to advanced, though the cut of a Gi (that is the correct term for the uniform) does change with the heavier models, but we can, again, help you through choosing the right size.

Of course, if you live close by to our Waterlooville premises, you are welcome to call in and try on a uniform for size.

Our beginner karate suits are all supplied with white belts, so you have everything you need to start Karate classes.

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